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We know that getting a vehicle you want can leave you having a bad experience and we think it shouldn’t be like that. Getting the vehicle you want shouldn’t be difficult and full of surprises you don’t want. Getting the car, SUV, or truck you want should always bring great memories. It starts from the purchase, and grows from there!

Many people have had bad experiences with auto loans and car dealerships. As a finance division of White Rock Dodge, We want to change that perception. We can get you into the vehicle that you desire with full transparency. No pricing games, no hidden fees, and we are always upfront with all costs associated with the vehicle.

The buying experience doesn’t need to be difficult, and we knew we could change that. At ApplyNDrive you deal with one person, your personal account manager from beginning to end. No more getting bounced around to different departments or getting phone calls from multiple people.

If you’re looking to get into a new vehicle, we can help regardless of your situation, click below and see what we can do for you!


Other Ways We Help!

You Have It, We Want It!

RV, motorcycle, or boat you would like to trade-in? All we need is photos and a VIN to do an evaluation online!

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Lien? No Problem

If you still owe on your current vehicle, that’s not a problem. We will pay it off no matter what your choice of trade-in or keeping. We have solutions for debt consolidations of all types. We make it an easy experience for you

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If you currently have your Indian status card, or even if you have lost your status card, we will work with your band to confirm your status and make sure you don’t pay taxes. Just like it should be!

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